Why choose Fairfield

pagephoto_choose-minWe have tried to create a setting that gives children a home away from home feel whilst being with us at Fairfield Montessori School. This has been created by dedicated staff that has been with us for years and a welcoming environment for the children and their families.

We understand that every child is unique, and treated as such for their own personal development. The staff complete personal pathway files, which track their development. Monthly observations are completed on the children linking it in with the EYFS.

An important aspect for us here at Fairfield Montessori School, is to go out into the community with the children. To transport our smaller children we have two fantastic four seater buggies. We also have double, and single seat buggies. For the older children we use a walking rope, which enables them to walk independently under supervision.

We are very lucky with the outdoor space and facilities we have here at Fairfield Montessori School. We utilise the garden as much as possible, as it is an asset we are extremely proud of. We have a wide range of areas within our large garden, including; a forest school area, self contained baby garden, sand pit, stepping logs and shelter. Our garden is a mix of concrete, Astroturf and bark. This variety allows us to cater to all our children’s needs and, permits full usage of the garden area. Our garden area is extensive, and has a range of activities and toys to play with. The garden is available all day for children to play or do their planned activities.

We have a vast range of activities which are available to the children throughout the day, we believe that ensuring a stimulating and diverse environment for the children to learn is fundamental to their development. Our staff typically stay in a room for the whole academic year, so you will receive a continuity of care, with a strong understanding of that age range.

We have a good Ofsted rating. Please click here for our latest report, we also have a hard copy at the school, which is accessible at anytime.

Fairfield Montessori School were 2012 finalists in the National Nursery Awards for Best Independent Nursery.

We are confident that your child will enjoy their time here with us; we are committed to helping your child grow and develop social skills and personalities.