The Montessori method


Here at Fairfield Montessori we have our own Montessori teacher called Karen and specialised room, housing all our Montessori equipment. Karen has been with us for over 20 years, and has great knowledge of her specialist field.

All children at the school have access to Karen and the Montessori apparatus. Various items will be brought down to the Kittens and Hedgehogs classes, where Karen will present the Montessori activities to them. For the Squirrels and Owls children, Karen will take small groups into the purpose built Montessori room to engage in activities.

The Montessori Method of education has been developed to help the child learn for their own sake, rather than for the teacher’s. They are allowed to develop skills in their own time, through the aid of the materials. Concepts are readily accepted through the physical and mental work needed to achieve an end result. A result brought about by the child and not the adult. Some methods include practical life activities, water play and cleaning and washing up. The children are also introduced to the Montessori equipment where they learn that these are not toys, but tools to aid them in their own learning.